Writer's Block

I've been working on quite a number of things lately that I've found very exciting and have found it quite frustrating that I haven't found made the time to write about them.

While this post is really sparse, I'm utilizing it to put out the things I hope to blog about in the near future as a kick in the pants to actually write about them, or break the writer's block.

I've started a few new projects.

  • One application is supposed to be accessed by multiple clients each of which would like to have a custom look-and-feel for their users in line with their corporate brand.

    • The application is utilizing:
      • AngularJS4
      • ASP.NET Core
      • Semantic-UI
      • Entity Framework Core
      • Azure Search
      • VSTS
    • I've created an npm script that allows me to build multiple Semantic UI themes at once.
    • I've created a few additional custom build scripts(some of which I've found I don't actually need) and have learned a lot in the process.
  • Another application is a pro-bono project I'm working on for a cause I believe in.

    • The application is utilizing:
      • Aurelia
      • ASP.NET Core
      • SCSS
      • Entity Framework Core
      • Azure Blob Storage

Both of these have pushed my limits in different ways and I hope to be able to share those experiences and bruises to help pave the way forward for others.